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Striped Dolphin

Stenella Coeruleoalba

Striped Dolphin | Stenella

The Stipred Dolphin is the most common species in the Mediterranean, it lives in very large groups that can count hundreds of individuals. They are very sociable, in fact during the sightings they approach the boats and have fun riding the bow waves in the typical behavior called bowriding. The stenella is very agile and the most acrobatic: it is able to perform different types of jumps and pirouettes out of the water.

Features: tapered and slender body, the livery is dark gray on the back while the sides are lighter, characterized by the presence of streaks, from which derives the name Stenella striata. The dorsal fin is small and arched. The rostrum is long and tapered and the jaws are both equipped with small conical teeth, suitable for a varied predatory feeding,

Lenght: max 2,5 m

Weight: around 150 kg

Longevity: around 60yrs

Dive Depth: – 300 metri on average

Speed: 45-50 km/h

Food Diet: squids, crustaceans and small fish

IUCN Red List: VU (Vulnerable )

Threats: chemical pollution, human activities