Sea on Display

Spectacular images to discover marine life above and below the surface

A visual journey capable of showing the reality and the wonders that are above and below the surface of the sea : a journey that starts from the depths to the sea surface and meets both the organisms at the base of the food chain, the plankton, which the great migrants, whales and sperm whales. Through suggestive images and more interactive installations , the exhibition will guide the visitor on a unique journey to discover the marine world.
The sea for the first time will come listened, seen and touched , allowing the visitor to dive and set off on an exploratory journey from the surface to the sea depths using VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

La mostra è realizzata con Artescienza s.a.s.

contribution for the exhibition

What APS Menkab needs to make the exhibition:

  • The availability of a local or outdoor space organized for the realization of the event / conference.
  • La disponibilità di un locale o spazio all’aperto organizzato per la realizzazione dell’evento/conferenza.
  • A contribution of at least 500€ for organization and implementation (variable based on requests and duration)

Visit by schoolchildren


Ingresso libero per tutta la cittadinanza

early evening 

Speeches by experts, biologists and documentary filmmakers from the Menkab Association, the Italian Naval League and the University of Genoa.


 Al termine dell’evento e della  visione dell’esposizione (facoltativo)

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