Learn about the main species of marine mammals that Menkab encounters during surveys, also discovering other species more difficult to observe, but which are part of the occasional wildlife .




Short-Beaked Dolphin

Pilot whale 

Risso’s dolphin


killer whale


Striped Dolphin

caretta tortoise

bottlenose dolphin

blue shark

Cuvier’s beaked whale

Our Team is operational throughout the Mediterranean Sea and often also with trips covering other oceanic and marine locations, but the main work is done in the Ligurian Sea .

This stretch of sea can be considered entirely part of the Pelagos Sanctuary, established in agreement between France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco, covers an area of over 87500 km2 in the north-western Mediterranean Sea , including an area that extends from south-eastern France, north-western Italy and northern Sardinia, surrounding Corsica and the Tuscan archipelago (Notarbartolo di Sciara et al., 2007). The wide spatial scale takes into account oceanic dynamics, taking into particular consideration the position of the Ligurian system.

The objective is twofold: to protect important areas of foraging and reproduction of marine mammals in the Ligurian Sea , also providing top down protection for other predators, and to create a system of protection at local (regional and municipal) level, contributing to the dissemination of systems of protection and knowledge of the marine and coastal environment , thanks to scientific and citizen science interventions.

L’obiettivo è duplice: proteggere importanti aree di foraggiamento e riproduzione dei mammiferi marini nel Mar Ligure, fornendo anche una protezione top down per altri predatori, e creare un sistema di tutela a livello locale (regionale e comunale), contribuendo alla diffusione di sistemi di tutela e conoscenza sull’ambiente marino e costiero, grazie a interventi di divulgazione scientifica e di citizen science.


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