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Pilot whale

Globicephala melas

Pilot whale | Globocefalo | Calderòn

The Pilot Whale is a strongly social species and lives in very large family groups, which can count even a hundred individuals. They are very "chatty" animals, in fact they boast a very vast and complex acoustic repertoire. Often, during the sightings, it is they who approach the boat with curiosity, pulling their head out of the water in the typical behaviour called spy-hopping.

Maximum length : 5-7 m

Lunghezza (massima): 5-7 m

Weight: 1-2 tons

Longevity: about 50 years

Dive time: 10-15 mins

Immersion depth: max -600 m

Speed: 35 km/h max

Classification: DD ( Data Deficient )

IUCN Red List Classification: DD ( Data Deficient )

Threats: maritime traffic, human activities (intensive fishing, chemical pollution)