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Blue Shark

Prionace glauca

Squalo azzurro | Verdesca | Blue Shark

The blue shark is belonging to the Carcharhinidae family. It is a very common and widespread species throughout the Mediterranean Sea, it has a very varied distribution and there are not rare cases of encounters even near the coast. It lives alone or in groups consisting of a few individuals. This species, also feeding on the carcasses of other animals, can be considered as a real "scavenger" of the sea.

Features: tapered and hydrodynamic body, pointed head, with mouth provided with small triangular teeth, long and tapered pectoral fins. The very dark color of the back is in strong contrast with the much lighter belly, a characteristic that gives it an extraordinary camouflage during hunting. 

Lenght: 1,80 – 2,80 m

Weight: 30-200 Kg

Longevity: around 20yrs

Dive Depth: 0-350 m

Food Diet: Fish, cephalopods, carcasses of other animals

IUCN Red List: NT (Near threatened )

Threats: Fishing, nets.