the breath of the sea

A sostegno del mar Mediterraneo

The Menkab: the breath of the sea has been operating since 2010 in support of scientific research and environmental education dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea, with the aim of contributing to the protection of the its fragile ecosystem. To achieve this goal the Menkab Association collaborates with Italian and foreign universities, other associations and companies that work in the field of communication and scientific dissemination.

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Our Mission

We constantly monitor the marine environment, to protect and safeguard it

Menkab collaborates with Italian and foreign public bodies and universities to support scientific research and offers skills and logistical support for monitoring at sea.

For the creation of multimedia content Menkab makes use of the collaboration with the audiovisual production company Artescienza s.a.s. , thanks to which HD video content is produced for documentary purposes.

I progetti di Menkab sono portati avanti da un team eterogeneo e diversificato: biologi marini, divulgatori ambientali, ricercatori e fotografi.

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Close to home

Menkab and Artescienza's Web Series

 Close to Home is a web series dedicated to our sea and the extraordinary animals that inhabit it.

Close to home

La Web Series di Menkab e Artescienza

Close to Home is a web series dedicated to our sea and the extraordinary animals that inhabit it.

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menkab Whale experience

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Giulia Calogero Foto Team

giulia calogero


Biagio Violi Foto Team

biagio violi


scientific coordination

Maurizio würtz


Scientific referent

Elia Biasissi Foto Team

elia biasissi

Skipper – ROV Operator

Martina Bottaro Foto Team

Martina bottaro


Bioacoustics officer

Alessandro Capone Foto Team

alessandro capone

Phd Student

Marine Litter Expert

Nicolò Roccatagliata Foto Team

nicolò roccatagliata


Sub Operator

samuele Würtz



Gabriele Principato Foto Team

gabriele principato

Drone Operator


Nadia Repetto Foto Team

Nadia Repetto

Marine Biologist


mattia meirana


Maria Cristina Ramasco Foto Team

maria cristina ramasco


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