environmental education

The Association "Menkab: the breath of the sea" organizes workshops and activities dedicated to the sea theme, promoting projects such as SEALAB and SEA ON SHOW.


SeaLab: Sea Laboratory

Educational activities offered to students and citizens to bring young people and not only to the world of research at sea and marine environmental sustainability.

Through workshops and direct experiences , Menkab tries to spread a "sea culture" to as many people as possible.

Sea on Display

A visual path able to show the reality and the wonders that are above and below the surface of the sea: a journey that starts from the depths to the sea surface and that meets both the organisms at the base of the food chain, the plankton, and the great migrants, whales and sperm whales. Through evocative images and more interactive installations, the exhibition will guide the visitor on a unique journey to discover the marine world.